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Earn Money With Your Wifi Modem

Earn Money With Your Wifi Modem

Do you know that you can easily earn money by refer products or services to a friend and earn money quickly from that.

Referral marketing is a process to encourage and significantly increase referrals from word of mouth, perhaps the oldest and most trusted marketing strategy. This can be accomplished by recommening products and services to friends and other people and earn commission on every sale.

Many people in fact refer friends or family to this or that product, service or business without second thought or earning even a cent.

WiFi Deals SA offer such referral program that is one of the highest paying programs in the industry and on top of that you'll also help your family and friends to save loads of money with the very low data prices.

The Referral Program is designed to give you the maximum profit for simply referring WiFi Deals to a new potential client. If that client decides to order a wifi modem that offer extremely low cost data you'll earn R50 commission for each such new client that you referred.

Program Highlights:

  • Earn R50 from every new client you referred that ordered and paid for the WiFi Modem.
  • Help your friends and family to save a lot on expensive data with the very low data deal.
  • Unlimited earning potential – You get R50 for each client, no matter how many you refer.

How to Get Started:

You need to order and paid for your wifi modem to quality.

After all you cannot realy refer people to a product that you yourself don't use and you will anyway be so amazed with your wifi modem that you'll WANT to show to everyone how amazing the modem is.

If interested in this please contact Whatsapp 0814599255


  • Frank

    Telkom Tower at doorstep. FAST Telkom and Vodacom Modems. Right now, both don't work due to poor signal but the Mi-Link modem work and I don't even know where is Cellc / Vodacom tower.

  • Natasha Broodryk
    Natasha Broodryk

    Yippieee I can now be much more on the internet without worrying about running out of data thanks guys,

  • Annemarie

    Best wifi-deal. I am very satisfied with the wifi i purchase

  • Jacky

    I am so happy with my deal , this was quick delivered and service great although I do struggle with faster internet because it stays on 49% but its most likely my area's service, otherwise this is a good deal indeed

  • Macaylin Naidoo
    Macaylin Naidoo

    Great service and really cheap data prices.

  • Boysie Mkhwebane
    Boysie Mkhwebane

    Hi I bought the mi-link WiFi modem and was delivered within 5 working days. The device was easy to connect and buying data was like 123 after downloading the payment link. I'll recommend mi-link to anyone looking for easy and less WiFi package.

  • Remmington S Sibiya
    Remmington S Sibiya

    The item is working good, it is easy to access, it is portable light, I really enjoy it and happy to have it.